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You’re doing a fine job with diversification

Most businesses offer set products and services. On the odd occasion, they might branch out if it means they are able to provide an all-inclusive package for their clients.

For example, I don’t offer SEO keyword research as a service, but it’s something I do provide if it’s requested by one of my long-term customers. It’s just not my core service, nor is it one I actively advertise.

But if COVID-19 has taught us anything (aside from how to wash our hands properly because, as it turns out, some hadn’t quite mastered that), it’s that diversification is the key to survival. In recent days and weeks, I’ve spotted some impressive examples of diversification that have really blown me away.

Chemcare, for example, is a meth testing and asbestos removal service. As they are already trained and certified in the use of PPE equipment, they have now turned their attention to infection control cleaning services. They work alongside their Crewcare division to provide certified and qualified chemical fogging treatment and deep-cleaning services.

Then, before alert four kicked off, local restaurants and cafes started offering takeaway services. They had seen a drop-off in customers who were self-isolating and made sure they could continue to provide delicious meal options for those who didn’t want to dine at the restaurant. The Cabbage Tree was a fine example of this.

Even businesses that traditionally teach others how to manage their SEO in classroom environments were now set up to handle those training sessions online. In a matter of days, businesses had diversified.

Of course, not everyone is going to be able to diversify. Cafes and restaurants cannot operate at all during alert level four lockdown. Most retail stores selling non-essential products can’t open their doors, either.

But those businesses who can offer a contactless service from the comfort of their own homes, and in their own bubbles, must be applauded for how they rose to the challenge. They may not have been all that savvy with digital services before, but they were able to offer a seamless service for their customers with minimal disruption.

So, to those businesses, I say well done! The world has gone a bit topsy-turvy, but you’ve adapted, and it will surely serve you well in the future.

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