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Take time for you

It might seem strange that, after such a long time in business, I would only get around to writing a blog post now. The reality is that when you spend every day writing this very content for other businesses, you don't put as much time into your own work.

Or, yourself, for that matter.

Whether you work for someone else or yourself, taking time out for you is crucial. I say that as I pen an article for a client at 9pm, long past the time any sane person should be clocking out.

Do as I say, not as I do, and all that...

But as anyone who has experienced burn-out will tell you, self-care is not just an option, it's a necessity. Failure to slow down and smell the roses can put you in a dangerous position. You lose sight of what's most important, not to mention missing out on valuable time with your loved ones.

So, how does one go about self-care? Sometimes, it's just the simple pleasures in life that can offer that much-needed revitalisation. It's going for a bushwalk in the crisp morning air. It's wandering on the beach with your family and friends. It's coffee dates with friends, weekend camping trips, and just spending five minutes in the middle of the working day to just 'be'.

It can also be a little more intentional, like going to bed at a reasonable hour, eating a healthy breakfast and packing a nutritious lunch. Taking regular breaks, outsourcing work where possible, and not overloading yourself can also make a world of difference.

So, the next time you find yourself working late on a project, overloading yourself with tasks, or spending more time staring at a screen than the faces of your family, think about what matters the most. Is it the work that will still be there tomorrow, or the experiences that might not be?

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